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IATEFL was formed on the 17 March 1967 and was incorporated as a charitable company limited by guarantee on the 14 August 1990. It is registered with the Charity Commission under the charity number 1090853 and is also registered with Companies House under the company number 02531041. Its principal activity is that of an association for teachers of English as a foreign language and through this to advance education in the English language as a foreign or second language sector.

For more information about development of IATEFL see our recent publication marking the association's 50th anniversary: The History of IATEFL

Governance of IATEFL

The Charity and its officers are governed by its Memorandum and Articles of Association.

The Board of Trustees are responsible for the charity's sound running in accordance with its aims and statutes. They manage the strategic direction of IATEFL and make major policy decisions. The Trustees have stood for election by the members at large or by specific groups within IATEFL and are composed of:

  • President and Conference / Publications Committee Chair
  • Vice President and Publications / Conference Committee Chair
  • Treasurer and Finance Committee Chair
  • Secretary
  • Marketing and Membership Committee Chair
  • Electronic Committee Chair
  • Associates Representative
  • Special Interest Groups (SIGs) Representative

These eight people are Directors of the company and Trustees of the Charity and are legally and financially responsible for IATEFL.

The Trustees receive guidance from the association's Advisory Council and members of other committees outlined below.

The management of various aspects of the association's work are devolved to five Executive Committees:

  • Conference Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Publications Committee
  • Marketing and Membership Committee
  • Electronic Committee


IATEFL has a trading company called IATEFL Trading Ltd which is registered with Companies House under the company number 07085385. The Trustees of IATEFL also act as Directors of IATEFL Trading Ltd and any surplus profits in IATEFL Trading Ltd are gift aided over to the charity.

IATEFL has a Head Office and employs nine members of staff. A full list of the current members of staff, trustees and committee members can be found on the "who is who in IATEFL" page of the website.


If you are interested in volunteering with IATEFL and require a bit more information, why not take a look at our "Volunteering" page.

Associate members

IATEFL currently works with over 130 Teaching Associations around the world. On our key documents page you will find links to some articles that you may find interesting but why not take a look at the "Associates" tab for more information.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

IATEFL currently has 16 Special Interest Groups (SIGs). SIGs are designed to support and provide professional development. If you are an IATEFL member concerned with a professional area of EFL / ESL for which there is no group or similar group already in existence, why not read the guidelines on our key documents page on how to propose a new SIG.


Membership Benefits