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September 2019

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Welcome to the September edition of the IATEFL eBulletin. We hope you have by now submitted a proposal for the 2020 annual conference in Manchester next April but if you did not meet the deadline, there are still a few opportunities for you to submit your proposal to some of our Special Interest Group (SIG) Pre Conference Events. Please read on to find out more about this additional opportunity.

Between now and the annual conference, we will be running a range of face-to-face and online professional development events, thanks to our very vibrant SIGs, and we hope you will take advantage of these to enrich yourself and share your ideas, experiences and expertise with other colleagues. In addition to SIG events, our annual ELT web conference this year will be jointly run with the British Council on World Teachers’ Day, on 5 October, and will feature 16 excellent presenters from around the globe.

And lastly, September this year will see the election of our Vice President and next President and we are honoured to have two outstanding candidates to choose from. This is a chance to be involved in making decisions about the future of IATEFL so please vote for your preferred candidate.

With best wishes from all of us at PubsCom,

Harry Kuchah Kuchah, IATEFL President, Chair Publications Committee

From Head Office


You can now choose whether to receive a membership card when you renew your IATEFL membership! This is one of the many things which have been implemented in our strategy to reduce our environmental impact.

Make some huge savings on annual publication subscriptions by adding them to your IATEFL membership today or when you renew. Additionally, take advantage of the promotional code available in the Member Area for a generous discount on ELT books. These are great benefits not to be missed!

IATEFL 2020 Sponsorship Opportunities

We only have a limited number of sponsorship opportunities left for IATEFL Manchester. If you're looking to raise your organisation’s profile and promote your key messages to an international ELT audience, please contact [email protected] to find out how supporting #iatefl2020 could benefit you!

IATEFL 2020 Exhibition

Are you interested in exhibiting at our next International Conference? If you would like to be one of the first to hear about the launch of our stand spaces and other news about the exhibition, please email [email protected] to be added to our enquiry list.

IATEFL Annual Conference 2020 in Manchester

Visit the conference website for information about the annual conference, exhibition and careers fair, and to book you place:

Plenary speakers:

  • Saturday 18 - Marie Delaney: Educational inclusion - is it possible? The myths, challenges and realities
  • Sunday 19 - Thom Kiddle: Integrating teaching, testing and technology: where angels fear to tread
  • Monday 20 - Sameh Marzouki: ELT in underserved contexts: empowering young learners through life skills
  • Tuesday 21 - Kieran Donaghy: Embedding a culture of empathy in English language teaching


 From the SIGs 

From the Learner Autonomy SIG

Call for proposals – PCE Manchester 2020

LASIG has opened the call for proposals for our 2020 pre-conference event: ‘Defining and contextualizing language learner autonomy: theory and practice’. In recent years, learner autonomy has become increasingly more mainstream. In our pre-conference event, we seek to define learner autonomy in today’s educational field. Our emphasis is on hands-on applications of learner autonomy, with a focus on practical activities and tasks you can use in your classroom. For more information and to submit a proposal for your presentation, click here.

Christian Ludwig and Lawrie Moore-Walter, LASIG Joint Coordinators


From the Testing, Evaluation and Assessment SIG

TEASIG Webinar – Next in the 2019 series!

Santosh Mahapatra: ‘Developing and using bilingual rubrics for assessment of writing and speaking skills in the classroom’

  • Date: Tuesday 24 September 2019
  • Time: 16.00-17.30 GMT

TEASIG's next webinar offers insights into how to familiarize teacher-participants with the idea of creating and using bilingual rubrics for assessment of speaking and writing skills in the classroom. In this two-part webinar, our speaker will focus on the steps involved in developing context-specific and need-based bilingual rubrics, and how to use these rubrics for assessing speaking and writing skills in the classroom. There will also be a brief discussion on evaluating the effectiveness of these rubrics.

The webinar is expected to benefit ESL and EFL teachers. You can find further information on our website.

The webinar is free, does not need advance registration, and can be accessed on the day here.

Testing, Evaluation and Assessment Today

The first issue of Testing, Evaluation and Assessment Today will come out towards the end of this month, and it will have articles from our past events and conferences. If you are interested in submitting an article, please take a look at our website for a sample article and the guidelines. If you have any queries, please contact our Editor, Maggi Lussi Bell.

Social Media

Our Social Media Coordinator, Ide Haghi, will have more InstaLive sessions with other members of our committee, so if you’d like to hear more about us, ask us questions or simply come and hang out with us and please follow us on our social media accounts, where we announce our upcoming events: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Upcoming TEASIG Events

Our Events Coordinator, Mehtap Ince, has almost finished planning the next TEASIG event. We are hoping to announce it very soon.

We believe in the importance of bringing experts and teachers together at our testing and assessment related events. If you would like us to plan an event in your area, please let us know by sending us an email. Please note that we cannot do events without your help, so if you could please let us know how you can help us plan and deliver an event in your context and what you can provide, that would be greatly appreciated.

Ceyda Mutlu and Mehvar Ergun Turkkan, Joint TEASIG Coordinators


From the English for Specific Purposes SIG

Scholarships news

Following the tradition established last year, we have decided to extend the scholarship scheme and give ESP professionals the chance to take part in events organised by our SIG or jointly by us with other English teaching organisations. The first scholarship under this initiative will be the ESPSIG’s involvement in the BELTA Day 2020 (see this link from this year’s conference for an idea of the format) where we are offering a scholarship of £250 to ESPSIG members interested in attending and presenting at the event.

For further details check our website, Facebook page and ESPSIG LinkedIn account.

Webinar news

Please keep an eye on our website and our Facebook page for more ESPSIG webinar dates coming soon.

Manchester 2020 news

Pre-conference event theme and proposals:
Our pre-conference event theme this year is ‘ESP in the world of tomorrow: academic and professional perspectives’ and will cover the changes, opportunities and challenges ESP may face in the future from two main perspectives: ESP in tertiary level education contexts, and in professional contexts. The deadline for sending us your proposals is 16.00 GMT on Friday 6 December 2019 using this link.* 

Pre-conference event and main conference scholarships:
A big thank you to all those who sent in pre-conference event and SIG showcase scholarship applications – scholarship winners will be announced soon!

Caroline Hyde-Simon and Aysen Guven, ESPSIG Joint Coordinators 


From the Teacher Development SIG

30 Sep 2019: Call for speakers - TDSIG PCE Manchester 2020

At our pre-conference event in Manchester at the IATEFL Conference, we're celebrating underdog forms of teacher development. UNDERDOGS aren't those expected to do well, but ultimately they're the superheroes. We're looking for talks about:

  • localised TD,
  • teacher-driven TD, and/or
  • TD with sustainable impact.

More details on the theme of this TDSIG pre-conference event, how to submit your proposal, and the benefits to you if your talk is selected are on our website. This call may be extended, so please check social media. Register and/or submit a proposal here.*

23 Nov 2019: TDSIG Workshop with Adrian Underhill, Rosyln Young, Piers Messum and YOU

‘Beyond the communicative approach: personal significance in language teaching’

This face-to-face event in Brighton, UK, aims to explore questions involving the concept of expression in language learning. Through a combination of engagement with the main speakers and participant-driven tasks, we will look at practices in which students’ powers of expression are the point of reference. We will develop new criteria against which we can examine, challenge, and adapt our current practices. Register here.

Tyson Seburn, TDSIG Coordinator


From the Literature SIG


LitSIG’s next webinar of 2019 will take place on 2 November at 17.00 GMT. Barbara Roosken from the Netherlands will demonstrate how learners can design photo essays when reading short stories, which will improve learners’ creative abilities and may be used for assessment. This will be a hands-on session with plenty of examples of good practice.

Later in the year (date to be announced) we will host Thom Robb for a webinar. Thom became a member of the LitSIG committee in early summer. He has long been a committee member of the Extensive Reading Foundation and his webinar will focus on reading material – details later!

PCE Manchester 2020

Our pre-conference event in Manchester, a joint event with the Global Issues SIG, will be on ‘Migrant Narratives in the EFL and ESOL Classroom’.

We will examine migrants’ experiences as narrated in ‘diaspora literature’, works written by authors living outside their native country. As well as written and oral storytelling, we will include other media, such as song and music.

Pedagogy will be an important feature: how to bring migrant narratives into the classroom, and how to use migrant narratives to promote intercultural awareness and social inclusion. To this end, we will talk about using and creating materials, and we will suggest techniques suitable for teaching that involve migrant narratives, notably storytelling.

Speakers already confirmed are Jeremy Harmer, David Heathfield, Alan Maley, Alan Pulverness and Andrew Wright. There will be more! We are also interested in creating opportunities for participants at the pre-conference event to share their experiences: we will update you later on how we intend to do this.

Visit our website and social media pages ( and for updates on the programme, and for further information on the webinars.

Robert Hill, LitSIG Coordinator


From the Pronunciation SIG

26 October 2019: PronSIG event

PronSIG will be hosting a face-to-face event on 26 October 2019 at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland. For further details, see here

“The road to ‘pron-tegration’: tips, tricks, and techniques to expand your pronunciation practice”.

A significant number of English language teachers feel that a gap exists in their knowledge of pronunciation. A lack of initial training has resulted in many believing that they don’t have the expertise to provide pronunciation input.

To bridge this gap, IATEFL PronSIG are hosting a day of presentations and workshops all centred around the theme of expanding teachers’ repertoires and increasing their confidence when dealing with pronunciation.

Catarina Pontes, PronSIG Coordinator


From the Business English SIG

Call for Nominations for the positions of Publications Coordinator and Treasurer

Our current Treasurer, Steve Miller, is stepping down in October and we are looking for a member who would like to take on the job of coordinating our finances. We are also looking for a member to take on the new Publications Coordinator role. This is an exciting position which will make one person responsible for coordinating the publication of Business Issues, Conference Selections and the blog. You will find more information about these two committee positions, including job descriptions and call for nominations forms, here.

More information about the benefits of volunteering for BESIG, including an FAQ list, can be found here.

11 - 13 October 2019: 32nd BESIG Annual Conference, Berlin, Germany

We've got just one month to go until the 32nd IATEFL BESIG Annual Conference. The updated conference schedule can be found on the Events XD app:

We are offering a special package for language schools who are interested in the professional development of their business English teachers. Please contact [email protected] if you would like to find out more about this offer.

13 - 14 March 2020: APIBA Business English Annual Conference

BESIG will be supporting APIBA (Buenos Aires English Teachers' Association) in their IV APIBA Annual Business English Conference to be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina from 13 to 14 March 2020. The theme of the conference is: ‘Teaching Business English: The South in Dialogue with Global Voices’. More information will be available soon.

17 April 2020: BESIG PCE Manchester 2020

This pre-conference event aims at bringing together business English professionals who are interested in exploring a wide range of business English training activities. The day will begin with three sessions led by experienced practitioners and will be followed by a swap shop after the lunch break. Come forward and send us a proposal to [email protected] if you would like to be considered for one of the three morning sessions.

BESIG on social media

To stay up to date with our regular news and updates, follow IATEFL BESIG official accounts on LinkedInTwitterInstagram, and Facebook.

Evan Frendo and Dana Poklepovic, BESIG Joint Coordinators


From the Learning Technologies SIG 

28 Sept 2019: OLLReN Online Conference / Research Publication

The 2019 OLLReN conference will take place on 28 September and you can read the schedule on their website. We will be significantly involved in this online event.

We will be giving attendees a preview of our new research volume Digital Innovations & Research in Language Learning, which is expected to be published at the end of 2019. The volume comprises chapters by experts in the field, and will provide our readership with a comprehensive and up-to-date picture of the use of technology in the language classroom. LTSIG members will have free access to the book and it will also be available to everyone else for a small fee.

During the conference, researchers from around the world will share their work into investigating the impact of technology to support language learning. We will review the evidence of what happens when technology and language learners meet. 

9 November 2019: P.A.R.K. Conference

The 25th edition of one of the most popular ELT conferences in the Czech Republic, the P.A.R.K. conference, will this year be a special anniversary event at Mendel University, Brno, on 9 November 2019. The conference organisers have lined up some great sessions by speakers including: Scott Thornbury, Péter Medgyes, Simon Gill, Marjorie Rosenberg, Amanda Davies, Gregg Sotiropoulis, Neil Anderson, Nicky Hockly, Barbora Krpcová.

Read more about this event and book your place here

The IATEFL Learning Technologies SIG has a strand at this conference. Our line-up includes the previously mentioned Nicky Hockly (beaming in via ‘satellite’) and Gregg Sotiropoulos, as well as Steve Chalk and Angus Savory, who will be addressing key issues in the field of Learning Technologies.

Ayşegül Sallı has won the travel grant to be our Roving Reporter at the P.A.R.K. conference. It is the first time she has won such a grant. She states that she is “delighted to be the roving reporter at the LTSIG conference. It will be a great pleasure for me to take this opportunity to be part of the event reporting the sessions, the insights of the presenters and the participants.”

Remember that we offer these grants throughout the year, so look out for our posts and on our social media channels for future offers to attend events, such as the IATEFL conference 2020.

PCE Manchester 2020

We are busy putting together a programme for our pre-conference event at the IATEFL conference next April. Our theme is ‘2020 Vision into Artificial Intelligence’. Some key speakers have already been booked. Look out for an announcement regarding the full line-up later this year. If you want to join us, please take a look at our recent blog post about this.

Archive recordings

One of the benefits of being an LTSIG member, is our new Members’ Area. We have already uploaded some recent recordings. Starting from 19 September, we will be making available several more archive recordings from past events. The first one, by Paul Driver, will be public for all to see, with another nine released over the following weeks. The password to access our new Members’ Area was revealed to our members via the latest edition of our newsletter, LT, and will be shared again in the October newsletter. Please contact [email protected] with your membership number in case you missed it.

Write for us

Do you have something you want to write about? Do you use a tool or platform to great effect? Would you like to tell us about your journey in learning technologies? Would you like to feature in our next newsletter? If so, we would be delighted to hear from you. We will continue to ask via our social media channels. Please, contact our Newsletter Editor, Graham Stanley or Vicky Saumell about these features. You can also contact our Webmaster, Phil Longwell with your articles, videos, blogs and ideas on the use of technology in language learning for publication on the LTSIG blog. Please click on the names for links to submit your ideas.

Join our Social Media Groups and Pages

Our social media channels will be coming very active again over the next few months. We recently hit 1,000 followers on our Instagram account, second only to the official IATEFL Head Office account. Our Facebook group is accepting more submissions from members and non-members alike. Please note that we welcome any articles or events that are related to the remit of our SIG - so it needs to be relevant to our ‘learning technologies’ audience.

Sophia Mavridi, LTSIG Coordinator


From the Young Learners and Teenagers SIG

25 - 27 October 2019: YLTSIG Annual Web Conference

The YLTSIG Annual Web Conference will take place over three days: 14.00 – 22.00 GMT - 25, 26, 27 October 2019. This year’s theme is ‘Opening the ‘YL’ umbrella: Fostering age-appropriate pedagogies in ELT’ with over 30 sessions (including plenaries, talks, panel discussions and Q&A slots) and even more speakers than ever before. The 2019 web conference aims to move away from ‘YL’ as an umbrella term and to showcase fresh pedagogies for different age ranges. Follow our social media channels for further information on the event, and click here to register.

PCE Manchester 2020

The YLTSIG pre-conference event for IATEFL Manchester will take place on Friday 17 April 2020. The theme is ‘Sharing languages: Celebrating children’s and teenagers’ multilingualism in ELT’. The 2020 pre-conference event will explore multilingualism as a holistic phenomenon from a sociolinguistic, cognitive and affective perspective. We will unpack the ways children and teenagers develop and manage their multiple languages, consider the benefits of multilingualism to the individual and society, and identify practical strategies that teachers in ELT can use to build on and to value children’s and teenagers’ linguistic repertoires.

Nayr Ibrahim will give the opening plenary by outlining key issues in multilingualism in ELT with children and teenagers. This will be followed by three shorter keynotes by Lijuan Shi, Hamish Chalmers and Constant Leung who will apply the theme to the early years, primary and secondary age ranges, respectively. These talks will lead to an open space format where delegates can interact and thereby apply new learning from the pre-conference event to their own teaching and learning contexts. The closing plenary will be given by Leketi Makalela who will explore the South African concept of ‘ubuntu’ in relation to children’s and teenagers’ multilingualism. For more information and to register, please visit the IATEFL 2020 website.

David Valente, YLTSIG Coordinator


From the Inclusive Practices and Special Educational Needs SIG

September – October 2019: Online discussions

We have started our new, regular social media get-together #IPSENchat. For September and October our theme is #WelcomingClassroom.

Find us on Twitter @IPSENSIG and Facebook IATEFL IP&SENSIG to join the conversation and share ideas. You can join threads concerning getting to know your students, how to create a positive class atmosphere, and well-being for students and teachers!

27 September 2019: Call for Papers for PCE Manchester 2020

‘Inclusive Practices in Language Testing and Assessment’

The IATEFL Inclusive Practices and Special Education Needs SIG (IP&SENSIG)  & the IATEFL Testing, Evaluation and Assessment SIG (TEASIG) are delighted to invite proposals for workshops / talks for our joint pre-conference event ahead of the 2020 conference in Manchester, UK. You can find all the information and download a proposal form from the IP&SENSIG website.

Upcoming events

For details on our upcoming events, including the ELT Malta conference this October, and TESOL Spain’s upcoming event, please check our website here.

Anne Margaret Smith, IP&SENSIG Coordinator


*Privacy notice

By answering a call for contributions, or submitting a speaker proposal, to an IATEFL Special Interest Group (SIG) you are agreeing to share your details with the relevant committee member(s) of that IATEFL SIG, rather than to IATEFL Head Office.

The information included in your submission will be used only for the purpose defined in the call, and will not be disclosed to any third party or be used to send unsolicited emails. Any data that is no longer required by the IATEFL SIG for this specific purpose of the call will be deleted.