International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language

Linking, developing and supporting English Language Teaching professionals worldwide



As a charity we are always looking for volunteers and trustees who can support our aims to link, develop and support English Language Teaching professionals around the world. We require anyone in a volunteer role to be an individual, fully paid up member of IATEFL. Certain roles require you to have been a member for a certain period of time to ensure you have a good working knowledge of the Association. The eligibility criteria will always be explained in the call for nominations.

If this sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, here are some questions you might want to ask yourself first:


Can I offer what is needed?

  • Is my membership to IATEFL up to date?
  • Do I have a good understanding of IATEFL policies and am I familiar with the IATEFL Code of Conduct?
  • Do I have reliable internet access?
  • Am I free to attend two or three face-to-face or conference call meetings per year?
  • In between meetings can I contact others to prepare practical suggestions for discussion and action?
  • Can I actively contribute to IATEFL policy?
  • Can I promote IATEFL and recruit new members?
  • Can I help organise local events?
  • Which special skills can I offer that would be of value? Experience in publishing, running conferences, fundraising, and organising local groups are always important.

Note: Volunteering may also require travel and accommodation. IATEFL can reimburse these costs, within our current limits.

 If you want to proceed please look out in our eBulletin and other communications for a Call For Volunteers, or contact your SIG Coordinator.



IATEFL is a registered charity and limited company, with a subsidiary trading company. Elected trustees of the charity also act as Directors of the Company and of its trading subsidiary, IATEFL Trading Ltd and thus share joint responsibility with the other Trustees for the charity's sound running, including financial responsability, according to its aims and statutes. The Board of Trustees meets three times a year or more often if necessary, and includes the eight directors of the Association (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Associates’ Representative, SIG Representative, and the Chairs of the Electronics Committee and the Membership Committee). The Board of Trustees is responsible for the running of the Association and is the supreme policy-making body of the Association. Trustees are expected to attend these meetings and to take part in the thinking and decision‑making process.

 All Directors and Trustees must:

  • assume legal responsibility for bank accounts, and any such matters with regard to ownership or hiring of property or facilities;
  • assume responsibility as an employer of the salaried staff of the Association, and of being concerned with their conditions of service (including pay) and the recruitment of new staff;
  • play a full part in the Board of Trustees’ decisions.

IATEFL expects all Directors and Trustees to be familiar with IATEFL policies and in particular, our code of conduct.

A good Director and Trustee: 

1) pursues the Charity’s objects or purposes, as set out in its governing document;

2) uses its assets exclusively to pursue those aims;

3) acts in the interests of its beneficiaries;

They should also:

1) take an active part in the charity;

2) avoid conflict with personal interests;

3) not profit from the role unless it has been authorised.

IATEFL is run by an office employing 9 full-time staff headed by a Chief Executive, currently Jon Burton. One of the principal functions of the office is to carry into effect policies made by the Association's seven Executive Committees. These Committees are responsible for the Associates, the Annual Conference, Finance, Publications, SIGs, Electronics and Marketing and Membership.

Expenses for attending Committee meetings and the Annual Conference are reimbursed, in line with the set allowances.  At the same time, Directors and Trustees of the Association are expected to travel by the most economical means possible. If resident overseas the Trustee should be able to attend meetings in the UK at a reasonable cost. This could mean that they might be in the UK sufficiently frequently on other business, e.g., for exam boards, publishers' meetings, institutional business, etc., or that fares are sufficiently cheap from their location. All expenses details are available on request. 

The Association does all in its power to keep demands on its Directors and Trustees’ time as limited as possible through the support of an excellent staff and full-time professionals.  Our experience is that many institutions regard having a Trustee and Director of the Association in their employ a source of considerable pride.

When a position is due to become vacant on the Board of Trustees, a call for nominations goes out to all IATEFL members. Only current, fully paid up, individual members (not institutional or Associations) are eligible to stand. Proposers/Seconders and Nominees must be fully paid-up individual members of IATEFL.


Checklist for applicants – who must be current individual IATEFL members:

  • Nomination form, proposed and seconded by current IATEFL members, and signed by nominee
  • The person nominated should attach a 250 word statement about themselves and the contribution they would hope to make to the Association if elected to the post they are being nominated for. They should also supply a short resumé (one side of A4) of applicable skills, relevant experience and projects undertaken.
  • The person nominated must provide a passport-sized photograph of themselves. 

NB All forms must be returned to Jon Burton, IATEFL, 2-3 The Foundry, Seager Road, Faversham, ME13 7FD, Kent, UK or emailed to [email protected]   

Any questions? 

If you are thinking of offering to serve, or if you have any questions, please feel free to e‑mail the IATEFL President, ([email protected]). Alternatively, write to Jon Burton, Chief Executive, at IATEFL, No 2-3 The Foundry, Seager Road, Faversham, Kent ME13 7FD, UK.